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One provider that grows with you. One system. Unlimited options.

One size doesn’t fit all so we have designed InstallerPro to grow with you.

You have four options to choose from. Each one is designed to work for you whether you are a big business or a sole trader and they are all 100% compatible. That means that as you grow you can upgrade your system and keep all of your data. No more pain from chopping and changing software just keep expanding your business and your horizons and we’ll be there to support you. For larger clients, we can even customise your system to fit your needs.

  • We offer preloaded documentation for Security & Fire disciplines to meet NSI, SSAIB, BAFE & Gate Safe standards
  • We have imported hundreds of client data sets from legacy packages and can provide project management for larger businesses making the transition to InstallerPro
  • Online support and training are free in all of our packages. We can also offer site visits, special support and training packages, and consultancy.

InstallerPro Forms

£19.95 / month
  • InstallerPro Forms is our 'zero office time' product that’s ready to use in minutes. It's built for the single operator business who wants to make a professional impact but doesn’t have spare office time. Priced to a budget with no contract, our pay as you go platform keeps it simple, saves you time and money. InstallerPro Forms is 100% compatible with InstallerPro Core & Plus versions so when you need to grow your business, just upgrade and we’ll instantly bring over all of your data & history. 100% pain free guaranteed.

InstallerPro Core

From £675 / year
  • InstallerPro Core provides you with the tools you need to maintain a compliant business to industry standards but without the frills. Designed for smaller to medium-sized businesses InstallerPro Core provides you with a range of options and powerful planning tools plus our compliance function so you can meet SSAIB, NSI, BAFE GateSafe & BS Standards.
  • Free training and support
  • Import client data from your existing system
  • Upgrade to InstallerPro Plus as you grow
  • No software to install
  • Work from anywhere
  • Real time back up
  • Safe and secure
  • Multiple office users
  • 2 engineers included as standard
  • Accounts integration
  • Additional engineers £150 per year

InstallerPro Plus

From £950 / year
  • InstallerPro Plus is designed for medium to larger businesses with bigger workforces who need that extra control. Plus comes with advanced planning tools and is the platform we will use to launch a range of new modules designed to help bigger business or those looking for that next step up.
  • All features of InstallerPro Core
  • Expanded planning and business tools


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  • Because we are all about customers and not just products, we know that some clients need something a little different. Our long history as a custom provider means that if our clients need a specific function, adjustment or integration we can provide it.​

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