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About InstallerPro

We bring over a decade of creating specialist business solutions for service companies here in the UK.

Always learning

Even though our team have decades of experience working in the Fire & Security Industry, we are always learning. We listen to our customers and constantly implement
their ideas alongside our own.

Our aim is to make InstallerPro the best software we can. By working with companies like yours, we improve every single day.

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InstallerPro really puts you in control of your business

InstallerPro keeps your workflow and your cash flow on track by providing
you with real-time data and decisions to make. You don’t have to miss a scheduled visit, a contract renewal, a follow-up on a remedial or an invoice again. InstallerPro helps keep you on track.

100% written, maintained and cared for by us

That might seem obvious, but you would be surprised just many systems out there are ‘reskinned’ products made by someone else.

That means these companies don’t fully own or have full control over their product. We wrote our product from scratch using our own code. That means our UK based in-house programmers can do anything they need to whenever they need to.

Secure and reliable

Our UK-based servers are housed in a secure data centre that provides service to Banks and Institutions and is maintained around the clock 365 days a year. They have thousands of incoming and outgoing lines and that means super high reliability.

Access to our systems is via encoded logins which change every time they are used so you’re your devices cannot be scanned or cloned.

Our business ethos

Our charges are fair and reasonable and will stay that way. We will never hit you with big service charges or unexpected bills. That is a promise.

Your data is yours – not ours. We will not mine or sell or trade your data as many other companies do. If you ever choose to leave us, we will provide you with a complete download of all of your data. We can also provide you with a low-cost reader, so you won’t lose access if that works for you.

Take control of your business today.

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